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Haus Concrete

Haus Concrete | 8 Seater Polished Concrete Dining Table | Epochal

Haus Concrete | 8 Seater Polished Concrete Dining Table | Epochal

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Food is our love language! Dinner parties are one of our favourite ways to enjoy the company of friends, old and new. The move: a go-for-broke feast that’s almost completely prepped the night before so that the host/ess can enjoy the fun just as much as their guests! It’s all about ease.

“Quite often, we’ll bring together friends we’ve had the pleasure of meeting on holiday or through other friends and introduce them to our oldest and dearest. It’s a fun way to bring everyone together! It’s easy to assume that everyone will get along, but that isn’t always the case! A table large enough to keep clashing acquaintances at a distance is always a blessing to avoid awkward mishaps!”

Housewives of Beverly Hills ... is that you? We want to know more ... as long as the Emporio Sirenuse dinner plates were in one piece by the end of the party, we’re OK.

While we’re on the subject of distance, it’s worth noting that our concrete dining tables are made to measure, handcrafted, and designed to fit your space, perfectly. Whether you’re looking for an intimate, small bespoke dining table to seat two, or an enormous dining table to (separate wine-induced frenemies!) seat 24, we can design a concrete dining table that suits your requirements.

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